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Growing your own fresh vegetables should not be a daunting task at all. And no, you do not need an abundance of space There are so many interesting and creative vegetable gardening ideas available.  With a little planning, patience and tender love and care you can create a fortress of nutrition.  Tending a vegetable garden is a fun and interesting project for both adults and children alike. Homegrown fresh vegetables not only make our meals healthier but impact our environment for the better.  With the colourful varieties available, fresh vegetables add nutritious spunk to our plates.  There is absolutely nothing that compares to the joy of the freshness and crisp taste added to your daily diet. Not to mention the cost saving.     Have you ever heard the older generation compare the taste of the “then and now” fresh veggies?  I remember growing up and feasting on home grown tomatoes.  Nothing beats the scent and taste.  Vegetables are just so much more nutritious if eaten soon after being picked.  One of the benefits of constantly having healthy and tasty vegetables coming out of the garden is that we tend to eat them. Now imagine how easily one will get the little ones involved and feasting on fresh veggies! Tending your garden promotes an active lifestyle. Seeing your vegetable garden come to fruition elevates one’s serotonin levels and can relieve stress.  Imagine sipping a well-deserved cup of tea while taking in the fruit of your labour?


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