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Have you ever wondered about creating your own little garden, but space is a problem?  Let us help you eliminate each and every single excuse.  You can absolutely create your own beautiful balcony or patio garden.  For most of us a garden is all about flowers.  And, yes, we all love the splashes of colour and fragrances from these beauties.  But when your passion is good quality food, your heart will gear mostly towards fresh herbs and vegetables.

There are a variety of innovative self-watering pots and planters which makes it so much easier than ever to grow your own fresh produce right at your doorstep.  It does not matter whether you have a spacious patio or a compact balcony. Why don’t you plant a crazy quilt of herbs, flowers and vegetables in a variety of containers? By using these raised beds, you can water, weed and harvest without bending over. Imagine the satisfaction of your own home grown produce right on your doorstep?

Where do you start?   Sunshine and enough of this natural energy is crucial for most edible crops, like tomatoes and peppers, which requires at least six to eight hours of direct sun a day.  Salad greens, for instance,  require fewer hours of sunlight. 

Selecting the correct growing media is one of the most important parts of successful container gardening. You need to ensure great drainage and would need a growing medium that holds and releases moisture as it is needed by your plants.

Vegetables grown in pots and planters, require regular fertilization because most planting mixes are fairly sterile. It's a good idea to start each year with fresh soil mix. With larger containers it might be impractical to replace the planting mix each year, so use a suitable fertilizer with vital nutrients and soil conditioners to boost your soil.

Remember to choose a variety of vegetables that is more suited to container gardening. Look at our variety of patio vegetables which mature early and remain compact. Peruse our variety of patio vegetables and herbs. When a harvest is over, you can pull the plant and fill the gap with a of late-season variety.

Note that when combining plants in the same container it is important to select a variety of heights, textures and colours for an appealing display.  You can plant the taller plants in the centre, middle-sized plants around the core with shorter plants along the edges to maximize the space.

Have fun and enjoy.

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