Seed Saving Series

So, it may seem counter intuitive for a seed company to run a series on how to save your seeds for your next harvest but we look at it very differently. We want you to save your seeds, share them with you neighbours, family, friends and community and spread the word that the awesome seeds they've been given all started at Seeds for Africa. And then hopefully they too will become Seeds for Africa gardeners! Please enjoy the articles and don't hesitate to contact us for any help or advice. Keep checking this page out as we add new varieties regularly!

Part 1 - A broad overview of seed saving.

Part 2 - Chilli Seeds.

Part 3 - Tomato Seeds

Part 4 - Cucurbita (Pumpkin & Squash) Seeds

Part 5 - Legumes (Pea and bean) Seeds

Part 6 - Carrots

Part 7 - Spinach & Swiss Chard

Part 8 - Lettuce