USDA Hardiness Zones

Each of our Indigenous African seed listings indicates the USDA zone. The list of USDA zones below shows the temperatures in Fahrenheit and Celsius. If a plant is zone 8 it will tolerate temperatures to -18 degrees Celsius or 10 degrees Fahrenheit. The ranges described are the minimum temperatures that the plant will be able to handle.

Zone 6: -10 to 0°F or -23 to -18°C;

Zone 7: 0 to 10°F or -18 to -12°C ;

Zone 8: 10 to 20°F or -12 to -7°C;

Zone 9: 20 to 30°F or -7 to -1°C;

Zone 10: 30 to 40°F or -1 to 4°C;

Zone 11: above 40°F or above 4°C.

We have the following maps of USDA Zones.