Cacti Seeds

I am sure that almost all of us have had a "painful brush with cacti", but it is not all thorns and no beauty!  Indeed, most of us have been captivated by some of the most gorgeous cacti flowers on earth.  In the dry desert where beauty is categorized by the dirt and sand, their vibrant colors and blooms are both eye catching and alluring, surely adding a feminine touch to their thorny outside. Any cacti collector would confirm that the love for these beauties are rooted in  their lovely show of flowers. A few cultures believe that because cacti can withstand harsh conditions, they have become the symbol of the warm protection of unconditional motherly love.  However, not all cacti fruits are safe to eat.  The popular Prickly Pear, majestic Saraugo, Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) and Barrel cacti are delectable! Interestingly enough all cacti are succulents but not all succulents are cacti!

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