Strophanthus Kombe - Indigenous South African Vine / Climber - 10 Seeds

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Strophanthus is a genus of 35-40 species of flowering plants in the family Apocynaceae, native mainly to tropical Africa, extending to South Africa, with a few species in Asia, from southern India to the Philippines and southern China. The name (strophos anthos, "twisted cord flower") derives from the long twisted threadlike segments of the corolla, which in one species (S. preussii) attain a length of 3035 cm. The genus includes vines, shrubs and small trees. The leaves are opposite or whorled, simple broad lanceolate, 220 cm long, with an entire margin.

This deciduous climbing plant features ovate hairy leaves and fragrant yellow flowers in spring.. Each corolla lobe elongates into a tail to 20cm long which hangs proudly amongst the leaves. The seeds are poisonous. Sow in spring.

USDA Zone - 10

Season to Sow - Spring