Pleiospilos magnipunctatus - Indigenous South African Succulent - 10 Seeds

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Pleiospilos is a genus of South African succulent plants that belong to the Aizoaceae family. The name is derived from the Greek pleios (many) and splos (spot). The plants are also known as kwaggavy (Quagga mesemb), lewerplant (liver plant), lewervygie (liver mesemb), klipplant (stone plant) and split rock from their rock like appearance. Pleiospilos species have two or four opposite grey-green leaves that grow from a short stem that may be underground. Flowers emerge from the centre of the leaves. Pleiospilos species reproduce both sexually and asexually. Vegetative offshoots emerge from the root system.

Pleiospilos magnipunctatus is a local or morphological form of the very variable Pleiospilos compactus subs. canus. It distinguishes from the other canus for the narrower, somewhat thinner and longer leaves covered with dark green dots, however Pleiospilos magnipunctatus is not readily distinguishable from other similar firms, if not for the geographical provenance. It is a free-flowering species with showy daisy-like flowers that appear between the paired leaves in summer-autumn. It is a relatively common garden or pot plant.

USDA Zone - 8

Season to sow - Autumn / Spring


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