Piquante Sweet Red Cherry Pepper - Capsicum baccatum v pendullum - 10 Seeds

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The flesh of this pepper is quite thick, with a fruity, spicy flavour, that is crisp and very mild, making them delicous roasting peppers, for even the most sensitive pallets. They are perfect for stir-fry's, stuffing with cheeses, pickling, pizza topping, and so much more. 

It's not a fussy plant to grow either. As long as it gets full sun, enough water, and some fertiliser, it will bear a mass of tasty mild peppers that start ripening in late summer through autumn.

It is a perrennial, reaching a height of around 1.3m, grows erect, and bushy to 0.7m wide.

Seeds are mildly hot.

Pepperdue Peppadue Peppadew pepper dew peppa dew

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