Nanolux T8 Clone Light 18W LED Grow Light [1.2m] - Pack of 2 - Hydroponic Lighting

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The NanoLux LED Grow Light Bar has a light weight design and can be daisy-chained up to 50 fixtures. It comes with and IP65 waterproof rating.

  • 18W LED is the perfect replacement for T8 fluorescent lamps
  • Single PPF can be up to 40 µmol/s; The luminous angle is 120 degrees.
  • Protection up to IP65, waterproof housing and connectors.
  • Each 18W (0.15A on 120V) daisy chain, up to 50 bars on 7.5A circuit
  • The installation position of lamps and lanterns can be adjusted freely according to customer needs.
  • Greenhouse seedling use effect is more suitable
  • Zipper slot for easy installation.
  • Box containing 2 lights of 1200mm each