Lobelia Erinus - Wild Lobelia - Indigenous South African Annual - 10 Seeds

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Lobelia erinus (Edging Lobelia, Garden Lobelia or Trailing Lobelia) is a species of Lobelia native to southern Africa, from Malawi and Namibia south to South Africa. It is a prostrate or scrambling herbaceous perennial plant growing to 815 cm tall. The basal leaves are oval, 10 mm long and 4-8 mm broad, with a toothed margin; leaves higher on the stems are slender and sometimes untoothed. The flowers are blue to violet in wild plants, with a five-lobed corolla 820 mm across; they are produced in loose panicles. The fruit is a 58 mm capsule containing numerous small seeds.

Wild lobelia features attractive flowers in shades of mauve, pink, blue, violet and white. A very popular border plant, grow year round in all climates. Grows from 10 to 80cm.

USDA Zone - 7

Season to Sow - Spring


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