Leucadendron Platyspermum - Indigenous South African Protea - 5 Seeds

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Leucadendron is a genus of about 80 species of flowering plants in the family Proteaceae, endemic to South Africa, where they are a prominent part of the fynbos ecoregion and vegetation type. Leucadendrons are evergreen shrubs or small trees growing up to 116 m tall. The leaves are spirally arranged, simple, entire, and usually green, often covered with a waxy bloom, and in the case of the Silvertree, with a distinct silvery tone produced by dense silky hairs. The flowers are produced in dense inflorescences; they are dioecious, with separate male and female plants.

Growing to 1.5m with yellow-green leaves, large cones, and stunning flowers.

USDA Zone - 8

Season to Sow - Autumn


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