Ilex cornuta - Chinese Holly - Exotic Shrub / Bonsai Tree - 10 Seeds

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Ilex cornuta, commonly known as Chinese holly or horned holly, is a slow-growing, densely foliaged evergreen shrub in the Aquifoliaceae plant family. It is native to eastern China and Korea and attains a height of about 3 metres. The leaves are usually 5-spined (sometimes 4), between 3.5 cm and 10 cm long, oblong and entire. The fruits are red berries, which are larger than those of the European Holly. Ilex cornuta is valued horticulturally for its attractive and distinctive rectangular foliage and for its large red berries. Ilex cornuta will tolerate a wide variety of soils and will grow in sun or shade.

USDA Zone - 10

Season to Sow - Spring


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