Hyacinths – White – 5 bulbs p/pack (Bulbs - not seeds)

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Not only do hyacinths look beautiful, they bring a sensational scent to the garden and home. This pack of white hyacinth bulbs will bring the joy of spring into your space.


How to plant, care for and grow Hyacinthus

Family Asparagaceae
Name derived from Hyathinkos was a youth accidently killed by Apollo in Greek mythology. The flowers are told to have sprung from his blood.
Common name Hyacinth
Sun Exposure Semi-shade.
Flower Colours Shades of blue, pink, yellow, red, orange and white.
Predators Rarely affected by bacteria or fungi. Aphids.


Fun fact: In 1715, Isaac Staaltjes figured out how to clone the bulb by cutting its base partially.

Hyacinths are a true bulb. They are originally from the Middle East and west/central Asia. They are mostly derived from Turkey, Lebanon and northern Syria. The bulbs can be grown hydroponically but are less likely to grow the following season. At the plants maturity,  it will reach a height of 20cm

Hyacinths soil type is not very important but it should have good drainage and compost to regulate temperature and moisture. If planted in a container, we recommend you plant them with their neck exposed. If you are planting the hyacinth in the garden the bulbs should be a little deeper to keep them protected from the warm sun. Once planted, add mulch to insulate the bulb against warmth and preserve moisture. The lowest temperature this plant can tolerate is -15°C.

The bulbs can be planted hydroponically as long as the base does not touch the water. The roots will be encouraged by the cold to grow through the pebbles in the glass bowl and into the water on their own. Start this process in a cold and shaded place. Once the root is 5cm, move the plant into an area that has some shade and is cool.

Hyacinth will flower for a longer period if left outside at night for the cold air. If they do not receive enough light, the stems will stretch.

You should provide the plant with regular watering during its growing season. In spring, the temperature is usually too warm in South Africa and the bulbs should be removed and discarded after flowering.


In the South African climate, seed production is unlikely to occur. If the hyacinth is in a colder climate (with longer and colder winters) it takes up to six years to reach maturity.

3 Bulbs per pack