Glottiphyllum depressum - Indigenous South African Bulb - 10 Seeds

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Glottiphyllum is a genus of about 57 species of succulent subtropical plants of the family Aizoaceae. The species are native to South Africa, specifically to Cape Province and the Karoo desert. They grow in rocks and soils incorporating slate, sandstone and quartz.

Glottiphyllum depressum is a common species of succulent plant, of the family Aizoaceae, native to South Africa. It is probably the most widespread species of Glottiphyllum, after Glottiphyllum longum, and one of the most commonly found in cultivation. Though not as common as G.longum, it is far more variable in its form. It can be distinguished from its relatives by its leaves, many of which are apically hooked. The clear appearance of a hook at the leaf tip is due to the impression of the opposite leaf against it when the leaf-pair was first emerging. The walls of the leaves' bladder cells are also noticeably undulate. The flowers and fruits do not have long stalks, and are therefore held close against the plant. The seed capsule has a very soft, round, spongy base, and thick valves raised up in a high >3 mm rounded dome shape at the top. The capsule's surrounding rim is low and depressed. The stalks of the capsule disintegrate rapidly, allowing the capsule itself to fall. The rounded capsule then rolls and spreads the seed further (tumble fruit). Like many Glottiphyllum species, its stems grow horizontally along the ground, with its green, fleshy leaves growing in two opposite rows (distichous).

USDA Zone - 8

Season to Sow - Spring