Flamingo Pink Spinach - ORGANIC - Heirloom Vegetable - 25 Seeds

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Plant produces attractive pinky-red stems. With a wonderfully mild sweet flavour typical of the Swiss Chards, the leaves can be picked small for salad use or left to mature. Less prone to bolting, the tall stems are suitable for both ornamental and culinary use. They are ideal for mixed salads. The thin-stemmed leaves can also be sautéed and braised. Anything you can do to spinach, you can do with chard. Worth growing for the colour alone, it can be used as an ornamental plant, growing to 40 to 50cm (16 to 20in) tall. The striking deep green leaves with pink veins are a beautiful addition to any garden.

Seeds per pack - 25 Seeds

Country of Origin - USA

Certified Organic by - USDA


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