EHG (Easy Hydro Grow) - Coco Micro - Hydroponic / Soil Nutrient

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Whether you are a novice or an expert, growing indoors or outdoors, the EHG products will provide the nutrient profile you require for every stage of your plants’ growth. The EHG 3 part series (Grow, Micro & Bloom) provides the perfect nutrient combination for every stage of your plants’ development by following the simple grow chart set out on the detailed instructions in the EHG nutrient guide.

Using Coco Coir  / Coco Peat is rapidly growing in popularity worldwide and it has become the most widely used medium in commercial hydroponic cultivation. It is light, holds large amounts of both water and air and comes in various grades which drain at different rates for particular hydroponic systems. It is inexpensive, reusable and completely environmentally friendly, emanating from a sustainable resource, the husk of the coconut. It is so popular that growing with Coco Coir  / Coco Peat has been given its own name, Cocoponics. Coco Coir  / Coco Peat is not completely inert and tends to absorb calcium and magnesium ions and release potassium. EHG’s COCO MICRO is specifically formulated for use with Coco Coir  / Coco Peat. It has increased levels of calcium and magnesium and reduced levels of potassium to cater for the natural reactivity of the Coco Coir  / Coco Peat medium. If your hydroponic mix contains 50% or more Coco Coir  / Coco Peat you should not be growing without COCO MICRO. It is simple to use and replaces ordinary MICRO in the standard formulations. GROW, BLOOM and RIPENER are then used exactly as one would with ordinary MICRO. If you are using borehole water, which invariably contains high levels of calcium and magnesium, use ordinary MICRO.

Use in conjunction with EHG Bloom and Grow. Using EHG products as directed will provide a balanced nutrient profile for every stage of your plant’s growth.

The nutrient strength suggested in the chart is a general guide. For some heavy feeding plants the recommended ratios can be as much as doubled (to a maximum EC reading of around 2.2 - 2.4) with good results. Any increases must be made with caution, only by experienced growers and according to your particular plants’ requirements. Particular care is required in aeroponic, nutrient film and deep water culture systems where the plants’ roots are constantly exposed to the nutrient solution.

EHG (Easy Hydro Grow) products are fully registered under the department of agriculture and are ideal for local South African conditions at a fraction of the price of similar imported nutrients. EHG products also show better performance than their more expensive imported competitor products. The products are extremely easy to use, easy to measure and mix instantly and are manufactured from the purest mineral salts so they are rapidly absorbed by  plants.

The nutrient guides which can be downloaded below gives you detailed instructions on which nutrients and in which quantities to mix with water at the different stages of plant development.


EHG (Easy Hydro Grow) - Coco Micro Directions for use

EHG (Easy Hydro Grow) - Product Brochure

EHG (Easy Hydro Grow) - Nutrient Guide Flowering Plants

EHG (Easy Hydro Grow) - Nutrient Guide Non Flowering Plants

Mineral Content of this product.

COCO Micro contains: 

Nitrogen N 50.7g/kg, Calcium Ca 58g/kg,  Magnesium Mg 4.2g/kg, Zinc Zn 77mg/kg, Copper Cu 12mg/kg, Molybdenum Mo 9,9mg/kg, Iron Fe 1045mg/kg, Boron B 242mg/kg, Manganese Mn 220mg/kg

Important Notes on use of products :

  • Store in a cool, dark, dry area.
  • Shake well before use.
  • Pour each component of your mix separately into your water reservoir and do not mix them together in their concentrated form.
  • Balance the PH of the water in the reservoir after adding formulas and before feeding. 

For further info on this product and other EHG (Easy Hydro Grow) products, please feel free to browse the EHG (Easy Hydro Grow) website.

 Available in 1L & 5L bottles.

EHG (Easy Hydro Grow) - Coco Micro - Hydroponic / Soil Nutrient
EHG (Easy Hydro Grow) - Coco Micro - Hydroponic / Soil Nutrient