Drosera binata v dichotoma - Giant Forked Sundew - Carnivorous Sundew Plant - 10 Seeds

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Drosera is a genus in the Droseraceae family of carnivorous plants. Members of this family lure, capture and digest insects to supplement the poor mineral nutrition they obtain from their native soils. They are known as sundews because their glandular leaf hairs glisten like dew in the sun. Flowers are held far above the leaves on a long stem. They open in response to sun.

The Giant Forked Sundew, Drosera binata var. dichotoma - Giant, is a large double-forking sundew with olive-green and bronzy-yellow leaves and pink glands. Its leaves typically have 2 tips, but can have 3 or 4+ when mature. It is a large, sprawling plant, with full dense leaves, and makes a great hanging plant. It is a robust grower and readily spreads from its roots, filling its pot or developing a nice colony. It is a great insect trapper, and gets a lot of attention. It is a temperate plant dying back to its roots as cool weather approaches, and reemerging from resting buds on its roots in the Spring. New leaves unroll much like the fronds of a fern, and are produced throughout the year, but there is a second noticeable flush of leaves in the Autumn.  It can tolerate a light frost. It prefers open, sunny, boggy conditions in peaty soils. It can flower several times a year with blossoms that are white on tall, multi-flowered red stems.

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