Dirty Hands Inc Elemental Blend - Mineral & Nutrient Pack 10L - Hydroponic / Soil Growing medium

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The Elemental Blend - Mineral and Nutrient pack is what goes into the Orgasoilux living soil, and is comprised of the products listed below.

It is designed to treat 100L of growing medium.

Elemental Blend Ingredients: Alfalfa meal, Aloe meal, Basalt Rock Dust, Bio-Char (inoculated with Cannabis Microbial Consortium), Canna-Kashi, Calcitic Lime, Diatomaceous Earth, Dolomite Lime, Fulvic Acid, Frass, Guano (seabird), Gypsum, Humic Acid, Kelp Meal, Malted Barley, Manganese Oxide, Montmorillonite Clay, Soft Rock Phosphate & Zeolite.

How to use :

  • Virgin Soils or substrates – mix in 100ml / liter of soil or substrate


    To amend depleted potting mixes – mix in 10 to 30ml / liter of potting mix


    For plant beds or turf – top dress 10 liters per square meter


    Fungi may be found growing inside Dirty Hands Inc Elemental Blend – these are beneficial and part of the living mix.

Size of Pack - 10DM / 10 Liters