Dimorphotheca Mixed Colours - Mixed African Daisies - Indigenous South African Annual - 10 Seeds

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Dimorphotheca is one of eight genera of the Calenduleae, with a centre of diversity in Southern Africa. Some species can hybridize with Osteospermum, and crosses are sold as cultivated ornamentals. The name "Dimorphotheca" comes from the Greek "Dis" "Morphe" and "Theka", meaning "two shaped fruit", referring to the dimorphic cypselae, a trait inherent to members of the Calenduleae. Plants of this genus usually have bisexual flowers.

Mixed Colour daisies. In contrasts of Orange, Yellows, Pastel shades and white this easy growing indigenous annual grows to 40cm.

USDA Zone - 8

Season to Sow - Autumn


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