Curtisia Dentata - Indigenous South African Tree - 5 Seeds

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A medium to tall evergreen tree (up to 15 m in height), usually immediately recognizable due to the striking contrast between its dark, glossy foliage and its sprays of cream-white berries. It has a clean, unbuttressed bole and the bark is smooth and grey or cinnamon-coloured. The leaves have pointed tips and toothed edges, and are arranged in opposite pairs. The leaf surface is smooth and dark glossy green, while the stalks and the twigs are covered in silky reddish hair. Very young growth is also velvety to the touch and bronze-gold in colour. The tiny flowers are cream-coloured and velvety, but relatively inconspicuous. The tree bears dense clusters of small, white berries. They generally appear in winter and are pure white (sometimes tinged with pink or red). They remain on the tree for a long time and can be very decorative.

6-20m tree, shiny leaves dark green above, veins with rusty brown hairs below, hairy leaf buds, white fruits. Sow Spring.

USDA Zone - 9

Season to Sow - Spring


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