Chilli / Hot Pepper Seed Germination Kit - Professional Kit including a variety of exciting chilli seeds!

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This kit has been put together to give you the best results when germinating chilli and hot pepper seeds. The Extreme Chillies / Hot Peppers (mostly of the Capsicum chinense variety) are notoriously difficult to germinate as they require heat, humidity and a long time to germinate (some only germinate at around 40 days). So we have put this kit together to cover all of these bases and we are adding some of our mild and super hot chilli seeds FREE of charge so you have everything you need to start your grow!

Included in the kit is :

1 x ROOT!T Large Propagator 57cm x 36cm x 20cm

1 x EazyPlug Tray with 77 Plugs

1 x ROOT!T Hobby Heat Mats - 30 Watt : 600 mm x 400mm

1 x ROOT!T Insulated Mat - 600mm x 400mm

1 x Pack of 25 straight 15cm plant markers

1 x Digital Series Indoor/Outdoor Min Max Thermometer

1 x 10 seeds Chile Tepin chilli pepper seeds

1 x 30 seeds cayenne chilli pepper seeds

1 x 20 seed pack of organic birds eye chilli pepper seeds

1 x 20 seed pack of Cherry Bomb pepper seeds

1 x 5 seed pack of Naga Viper chilli seeds

1 x 5 seed pack of Trinidad Scorpion 7 Pot "Barrackpore" Strain

(Regrettably seeds and equipment are not interchangeable with this kit and cannot be substituted with other items)

You can decide whether you want to bottom water (by letting the plants suck water up from the tray) or top water in which case we would recommend that you get a mist sprayer (available at most supermarkets and hardware stores) to water them as pouring water could wash your seeds away.