Conophytum Bilobum - Indigenous South African Succulent - 10 Seeds

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Conophytum is a genus of South African and Namibian succulent. The plants are also known as knopies (buttons), waterblasies (water blisters), sphaeroids, conos, cone plants, dumplings, or button plants. Conophytum species are dwarf cushion forming or single-bodied succulents. Conophytums are tiny plants with succulent leaves ranging from 1/4" to 2" in length. These leaves are partially to entirely fused along their centers. Each leaf pair (together referred to as a body) ranges in shape from "bilobbed" to spherical to ovoid to tubular to conical. They may have "windows" on the top of their leaves. To the naked eye the epidermis ranges from very smooth to slightly rough to "hairy" depending on the microscopic epidermal cell shape and structure.

This dwarf cluster-forming succulent features bright yellow flowers and makes a great potted plant.

USDA Zone - 10

Season to Sow - Autumn


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