Coco Peat - 5Kg Compressed 100% fine 6mm buffered coco peat / coir bricks

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Coco Peat is also known as coir, coco fiber or coir peat. It comes from the mesocarp of the coconut and is intended for hydroponics and/or substrate.  It is a consistent media for long term growing. Coco Peat Bricks have excellent water retention ability and can be used multiple times. 


Coco peat finest particles can be used in their pure form or blended with other substrates for hydroponic purposes: Vegetables Landscaping: coco peat is 100% natural, totally organic and a removable source, eco-friendly.


  • Coco peat has a high water holding capacity (eight times its weight) combined with high
  • porosity (95%) allows an excellent root aeration oxygenation, producing more functional
  • roots therefore improving plant nutrition and healthier plants.
  • Excellent re-wetting.
  • Light weight, easy handling.
  • Homogenous and stable structure; long lasting, superior to peat.
  • Totally organic, 100% natural, renewable source.
  • pH slightly acid: 5,5-6,5, suitable for most plants species.
  • Lightweight material ideal for reducing transport costs.

Coco peat generally has an acidity in the range of pH – 5.5 to 6.5. It is a little on the acidic side for some plants, but many popular plants can tolerate this pH range. Coco peat can be re-used up to three times with little loss of yield. Coco peat from diseased plants should not be re-used.

Cocopeat, pressed into Coco peat bricks, has a negatively charged complex, surrounded by a couple of positively charged ions: sodium and potassium. Because these elements stick to the complex, like iron to a magnet, there is no danger to the plant root initially. The problem starts when fertilizing with calcium. The calcium will push the potassium and sodium aside and take their position. Consequently, the calcium that is connected to the complex won’t be available to the plant, while sodium and potassium that are released into the water will be available.

To avoid this problem, the Cocopeat needs to be  buffered with Calcium Magnesium Nitrate (Cal Mag) and then flush/rinse before using. This product has been buffered so it is not necessary to buffer it as it is ready for use.

A 5kg compressed brick expands to 50 litres of growing media when 25 litres of water is added to it.

Please note that due to the manufacturing process of the bricks that each brick weighs between 4.2kg and 5.5kgs.

This product is available in quantities of 1,3 or 5 bricks.