Beetroot Crimson Globe - Beta Vulgaris - Vegetable - 100 Seeds

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Crimson Globe' also known as Rote Ruben is a popular improved Detroit globe beetroot. It is a classic, main-crop globe beetroot which produces excellent quality, smooth skinned globe beets with strong skin and ox-blood flesh colour. This high yielding variety has good internal colouring and excellent taste. It is suited to both early and main crops and can be grown in containers all year round. It is resistant to downy mildew and does well in all kinds of soils. It is recommended as a good cultivar to use for succession sowings. The young luxuriant red-veined leaves can be eaten like spinach and the dark red, delicious tasting roots are ideal for baking, pickling, or grating raw into salads. Alternate roots can be thinned for use as baby beet and the rest allowed to grow on to maturity.


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