Antimima Ventricosa - Indigenous South African Succulent - 10 Seeds

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The range of the genus Antimima spreads from southern Namibia southward to the Eastern Cape Province in South Africa. A few species are found in the Northern Great Province and the Free State. In general, the plants form dense, symmetrical cushions. The flowers, which can appear throughout the year, are pink to purple and can appear in clusters or be solitary. The genus is closely related to the genus Ruschia, the only real difference being in the seed capsule structure. In general the plants are not finicky and are easily propagated by seed or cutting. Large species do well as rockery plants, while the small species make good pot subjects. Few species of this large genus are cultivated.

Produces a compact cushion and large pink & white flowers.

USDA Zone - 9

Season to Sow - Autumn


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