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The American cranberry is a low trailing, mat forming, evergreen shrub of bogs. This species is the source of the commercial cranberry. Plants typically grow to 12 inches tall with a 3 to 4 foot spread and has small, glossy, leathery dark green leaves to 3/4 inch across, bronzy in spring and dark-green in summer, turn a variety of colours in autumn. Leaves turn bronze in winter. In spring-summer, the American cranberry features fuchsia-pink bell-shaped flowers in nodding clusters. The flowers are unique, with four turned-back petals, looking a bit like hats, and beak-like stamens. Blooming is followed by edible, round, bright red berries. If massed, plants can form a carpet of green foliage. This plant can be grown for the food crop, as an ornamental or both. It is a favourite with bonsai enthusiasts making an easy to grow specimen.

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