How to order

We offer a number of ways to order.

Email us at letting us know what you would like to order together with quantities. Please indicate your preferred payment method and make sure your delivery address and contact telephone number is on the email.

Fax your order to us using the order form which can be downloaded here

For accuracy we regret that we do not take orders over the telephone.

For the fastest processing of your order, please place your order online.

If you are new to ordering online and need help with how to place your order please see the guidelines below.

1) Browse our listings by clicking on shop to open up the product categories. 

2) Select the category you are interested in looking at by clicking on the category name on the drop down menu.

3) Search for the item by typing the common or scientific name into our search function which can be found towards the top right of your screen as per the below image :


4) Once you have found the item you want, click on the name for a full description of what you are buying as per the below image.

5) The price and quantity of seeds per pack is clearly described on the title of the item you are buying as shown on the below image.

6) If you would like to purchase the item, once you have clicked on the name and see the detailed description you can then add it to your shopping cart, or proceed to checkout, as per the following image. You can also add the quantity of that item that you require by inserting the quantity into the box provided

7) You can repeat the above steps to add everything you would like to buy. When you have all you need, you can then go to your shopping cart as shown in the below image.

8) You will now see this screen. At this point you can change the quantities of the items you want or delete any items you no longer want. Once you have done that you can follow the prompts to go to checkout to enter your details and to complete the purchase. You need to accept the terms and conditions of purchase to proceed. We recommend that you click on the terms and conditions to familiarise yourself with them.

Should you experience any issues with placing your order feel free to email us at