Strawberry Spinach - Chenopodium capitatum - Exotic Native Amnerican Vegetable / Herb / Fruit - 20 Seeds

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Strawberry Spinach is one of the best-kept secrets of the herb world. A native American plant, this self seeding annual sets tiny, deliciously tender leaves that can be cooked like spinach or used fresh in salads. It also sets small red fruits in late summer and autumn that taste a bit like mulberries and are lovely fresh or cooked. You can use almost the entire plant instead of just one part, and Strawberry Spinach draws out this pleasure by setting new leaves all season long. Snip off just what you need at the moment, and harvest more later! The foliage is slender, deeply lobed, and appears in rosettes along long, slender stems. The berries are edible as well. Quite small, they resemble raspberries more than strawberries. The berries arise at the base of each stem, and a plant in full fruit is a glorious sight. Grow Strawberry Spinach in full sun (direct-sowing the seeds works best) and rich, fertile soil. It reaches about 45cm high and 30cm wide, and needs no staking or supports. Easy and trouble-free, it's an exciting new addition to the herb garden, vegetable patch, or even the flowering annual flower bed.


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