Hydroponic Systems



Did you know that in ancient times a variant of hydroponics was used to create the hanging gardens of Babylon? Our modern understanding of the actual science behind hydroponics now allows us to use this knowledge to grow more food with less resources. One uses far less space than when growing in soil. Nutrient solutions added to the water ensures a healthy yield of high quality food not subject to seasonality. You as the grower have the benefit of controlling the conditions in your hydroponic greenhouse and do not have to contend with the unpredictable weather problems that can affect your crop.  Taking nutrients form soil is a slow process and the nutrients absorbed are often wasted through the maturing process.  Hydroponically grown fruits and vegetables have a growth rate of between 30 – 50% faster than traditional methods. As the grower you are able to regulate the natural elements (light, temperature, hydration, nutrients, pests and other aspects) in the growing process.  Certain crops require certain soils and you can easily plant whatever you want to when you want to. 

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