Bluelab Truncheon Nutrient Meter - Hydroponic Testing Equipment

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The World’s favourite conductivity meter. Simply brilliant, brilliantly simple!

It is essential when growing with a hydroponic solution to KNOW what the strength of the solution is before feeding your plants AND while they are growing. If the conductivity reading is too low, your plants may not be getting enough nutrients. If the conductivity reading is too high, plants can dehydrate.

Understanding the conductivity of the nutrient solution takes the guesswork out of feeding plants. It will also save you money! Using the Bluelab Truncheon® Nutrient Meter is the fastest and easiest way to measure the conductivity!

To take a reading of your solution – simply place the probe head into the solution and the reading is indicated by the flashing lights. Calibration of the Truncheon® Nutrient Meter is not required.


    • EC (0.2 – 3.6), CF (2 – 36) and ppm scales (TDS and 700 scale)
    • Fully waterproof
    • No calibration required
    • Auto sense on and off
    • No external switches or adjustable buttons
    • Battery life minimum 1 year (or shelf life of battery)
    • Meter Length 40.7cm
    • Guarantee: 5 year guarantee for Bluelab Truncheon® Nutrient Meter (proof of purchase is required)

It is important to check the EC of the truncheon using the Bluelab 2.77EC Conductivity Standard Solution (we do stock this for your convenience) at regular intervals and to clean it so that it is operating optimally. Check out the YouTube video below which explains how simple this is.