Titanopsis Calcarea - Indigenous South African Succulent - 10 Seeds

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Titanopsis is a genus of about 10 species of succulent plants of the family Aizoaceae. The name "Titanopsis" comes from the ancient greek "titanos" (limestone) et "opsis" (looking like). They come from South Africa, in the Upper Karoo Group. They are small plants, with rosette up to 10 cm high. Leaves are up to 3 cm with truncate tip and rough little tubercles at the apex of the leaves. They look like limestone and are hard to be seen in the wild. Yellow flowers with 2 cm diameter appear in late fall.

A dwarf plant with spathulate crowded leaves with whitish tubercles or warts (cells filled with calcium) and yellow to rust-coloured flowers.

USDA Zone - 8

Season to Sow - Autumn