Tarpan F1 Strawberry - Fragaria - Easy to grow Container Strawberry - Fruit - 5 Seeds

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The perfect strawberry in hanging baskets, windowboxes, and tall planters! Tarpan is a day-neutral variety, so you can count on it continuing to bloom and fruit all summer long and well into autumn. Highly productive and so beautiful, it's the ideal edible ornamental! The huge 1- to 1½-inch flowers put others to shame in the strawberry patch, and the long, bright red fruit (small to medium by strawberry standards!) is juicy-sweet and very abundant. The blooms continue all summer, and the berries arise from midsummer till early winter. An unbeatable combination of attractiveness and usefulnesss! Very adaptable to temperature extremes, Tarpan fruits heavily even outside its hardiness range, so you can grow it anywhere as an annual. And if you want to continue the performance for years, grow it in the sunny strawberry patch and let its runners root in the soil. You will love this beautiful, productive strawberry, and it's certain to garner compliments all season long! Very easy to germinate and seeds do not require any pretreatment.

Please note that these are commercial grade strawberry seeds.

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