Premium Bonsai Package - 16 Species - 115 Fresh Seeds

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This package deal contains 16 species of Bonsai Tree Seeds. There are 115 seeds in total and each species is individually packed and labelled. Growing guidance  for each species and the free E-Book will be sent to you via email (and can also be downloaded at the end of this product listing so you can ensure you get all the supplies you need to start your Bonsai journey).

Adansonia digitata - African Baobab - Southern Africa - 5 seeds

Celtis africana - White Stinkwood - Southern Africa - 10 seeds

Cercis chinensis - Chinese Redbud - China - 5 seeds

Cryptomeria japonica - Japanese Red Cedar - Japan - 5 seeds

Cupressus sempervirens - Mediterranean Cypress - Mediterranean - 5 seeds

Dovyalis caffra - Kei Apple - Southern Africa - 10 seeds

Larix kaempferi - Japanese Larch - Japan - 5 seeds

Metasequoia glyptostroboides - Dawn Redwood - China - 10 seeds

Olea europaea ssp africana - Wild Olive  - Southern Africa - 10 seeds

Pinus thunbergii - Japanese Black Pine - Japan - 5 seeds

Pyracantha coccinea - Chinese Firethorn - China - 5 seeds

Schotia brachypetala - Weeping Boer Bean - Southern Africa - 10 seeds

Ulmus pumila - Siberian Elm - Central Asia - 5 seeds

Vachellia karroo - Sweet Thorn Tree - Southern Africa - 10 Seeds

Vachellia xanthophloea - Fever Tree - Southern Africa - 10 seeds

Zelkova serrata - Japanese Zelkova - Japan - 5 seeds


All of these species have different growing requirements and some include pre-treatment which is why it is vital to read the growing sheets to get a full understanding of what is required to grow each species. You can download the growing guidance for each species and free E-Book at this link.

Please do not forget that we have all the supplies to get you started on your bonsai journey. Bonsai containers / pots, Bonsai tools and essential supplies like wire,  mesh and soil, growing mediums and seed starting and propagation supplies and last but not least..... a massive range of tree seeds suitable for bonsai!