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Eggplant Pinstripe is a strong growing, compact plant producing a heavy crop of purple and white striped fruits right through the growing season. Pinstripe has been specially developed to suit the garden environment and will thrive in pots, containers and in the border. Attractive purple flowers are followed by an abundant crop of 3oz (90 grams approx) purple and white striped fruits. The unique compact habit of Pinstripe makes it a perfect choice for mixed flower and vegetable planters. Traditional eggplants can be tall and require staking and are difficult to handle as they are very thorny. Pinstripe stays compact and does not require staking and unless stressed is thorn less making it much easier to handle and harvest. Pinstripe has a great bitter free flavour and does not need to be salted before cooking. Harvest when fruits go bright purple. Pinstripe is great cubed and added to casseroles and ethnic dishes. It is also fabulous sliced and grilled, perhaps as part of an Italian menu.

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