Neem Oil Plant Spray - Natural Insecticide

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Neem oil plant spray is a natural product made from the Neem tree (Azadirachta indica) and is used to control and manage harmful insects on plants. NEEM Oil is 100% Natural and ECO-Friendly.

Neem oil assists in the control of fruit worms,fruit flies, white flies, thrips, cutworms, white aphids, plant lice, etc. Neem Oil is effective against 600 insects but do not kill beneficial insect for example bee's and ladybugs.

Active Ingredients –Pure Organic Neem Oil and Lemongrass Oil




Environmentally Friendly

Non-Toxic or harmful ingredients

Safe for use.

Suitable for use on all commercially produced crops and plants such as but not limited to vegetables, fruit trees, house plants, landscape nurseries, hydroponics and more.

How to use

Can be sprayed directly on fruit as it is not harmful for humans,animals and birds

Can be used as often as required

Convenient, ready to use product,just spray

Spray around the base of the plant to stop ants from climbing on the plant.

Product is ready to use, just shake well and spray.

Please note that this is ready to use and is not concentrated Neem oil.

Test – If you want to ensure the product solution is not to strong for the specific plant, first spray a leave to test. If the leave turns yellow or dry after a day then you know this formulation is to strong. You can add a bit of water to dilute the strength and then test again to get the best workable solution for your specific plant.  The Ready to use  solution is effective and safe on a multiple plants in the present strength but can be made weaker as required.


If product comes into contact with the naked eye, flush with warm water to find relief.

For more info about this product please download this document.

Available in the following sizes :

250ml Spray Bottle

1 Liter Bottle supplied with an empty 250ml spray bottle to use as an applicator

5 liter bulk bottle