Lumii Solar 315W CDM 942 GRO Lamp - Hydroponic Lighting

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LUMii SOLAR 315w Ceramic-Discharge Metal-Halide (CDM) lamps deliver a light spectrum that’s much closer to natural sunlight than typical high intensity discharge (HID) systems. These state-of-the art lamps generate a greater level of useable plant light (photosynthetically active radiation) and run with a blinding intensity that’s immediately apparent to the naked eye.

The LUMii SOLAR 315W CDM lamps boast low power consumption and heat output and they produce a very high-quality end product.

The LUMii SOLAR GRO CDM is a lamp which provides a compact and efficient metal-halide answer for the horticultural market. This lamp is highly efficient and can be used as a total light source, or as supplemental lighting alongside HID lights.

This ‘daylight’ lamp is specifically optimised for vigorous vegetative growth and is double-jacketed for added safety.

The colour temperature of 4200K makes the LUMii SOLAR GRO CDM lamp perfect for young plants.