LUMii BLACK 600W Complete Kit with Reflector, Electronic Ballast, Rope Ratchets and Lamp - Hydroponic Lighting

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The LUMii BLACK Complete Kit comes with a LUMii BLACK Reflector, LUMii Electronic Ballast, LUMii Rope Ratchets and LUMii 600W HPS Lamp.


The reflector boasts dimpled wings for excellent reflectivity, light dispersion and the reduction of hot-spots. It includes 2 convenient tabs on the top for easy hanging as well as a 5m IEC cord. The LUMii BLACK Reflector is designed for use with any horizontally mounted HPS or MH lamp up to and including 600W. It is not suitable for use with 1000W HID lamps. We recommend using a LUMii BLACK 600w HPS or LUMii SunBlaster Lamp for best results. Dimensions: Length – 510mm, Width – 380mm, Depth – 130mm


This 600 W Electronic Ballast is supplied as a stand-alone ballast with a flying IEC lead so you can add any reflector fitted with an IEC socket to start growing. The ballast features both dim and boost functions, having the ability to control the light output from the lamp. There are two dimmable options (250w & 400w) and a ‘super-lumens’ boost option (600w+Boost) which is on average an extra 10% increase in output. For best results, always use the correct lamp per wattage setting. 


The LUMii BLACK Lamp is a 600 W Dual Spectrum, High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lamp with an E40 fitting. Perfect for stimulating enhanced flowering, offers 18,000 life hours and 90,000 Lumens. For best results, we recommend using them with a LUMii BLACK Ballast.

LUMii Rope Ratchets

The LUMii Rope Ratchets pull tight and lock into place. They are really durable. The LUMii Rope Ratchets are tough and will not let you down whilst they are also heat and cold resistant. Each LUMii Rope Ratchet has two quick release carabiner clips for ease of use and 2.4 metres of tough braided polypropylene rope.