Jalapeno Chilli Pepper - ORGANIC - Heirloom Vegetable - 50 Seeds

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The most used cultivar around the world. The fruit at maturity measures 5 to 7.5cm in length and tapers to a rounded end. During the stages of maturity it transforms from green to yellow to red. The flesh is plump, thick and juicy. When dried and smoked it is known as The Chipotle pepper. As it matures the fruit becomes sweeter. Grown around the world it can be found in Mexico, Texas and the South West of the USA in abundance. Ideal to use in most cuisines and is delicious in soups, salsas casseroles, for stuffing and for pickling. It measures at 2 500 to 8 000 Scoville units.

Seeds per pack - 50 Seeds

Country of Origin - USA

Certified Organic by - USDA


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