Evening Primrose - Oenothera Biennis - Annual Flower - 500 Seeds

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Stunning yellow flowers with medicinal properties. Young roots can be eaten like a vegetable (with a peppery flavour), or the shoots can be eaten as a salad. The whole plant was used to prepare an infusion with astringent and sedative properties. It was considered to be effective in healing asthmatic coughs, gastro-intestinal disorders, whooping cough and as a sedative pain-killer. Poultices containing O. biennis were at one time used to ease bruises and speed wound healing. One of the common names for Oenothera, "Kings cureall", reflects the wide range of healing powers ascribed to this plant, although it should be noted that its efficacy for these purposes has not been demonstrated in clinical trials. Please research this properly if you wish to use the plant for medicinal or culinary purposes. We sell it purely for the attractive appeal.


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