Elan F1 Strawberry - Fragaria - Easy to grow Container Strawberry - Fruit - 5 Seeds

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'Elan' develops vigorous plants with big flowers. These characteristics will give 'Elan' its best performance in Hanging Baskets. Fruit of 'Elan' has a bi-conical shape, it has a shiny appearance and it has a bright red colour. Fruit has a delicious taste. This is caused by the high sugar levels in the fruit. In comparison with other day-neutral strawberry varieties 'Elan' reaches a unique level of taste. The fruit of 'Elan' is not only very delicious, but also very healthy! In trials it was found the fruit of 'Elan' contains 30-50% more Vitamin C than those of other ever bearing varieties. Very easy to germinate and do not require any pretreatment.

Please note that these are commercial grade strawberry seeds.

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