Dwarf Lowbush Blueberry - Fruit Shrub / Tree - Vaccinium angustifolium - 10 Seeds

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Lowbush Blueberry is native to the North-eastern North America where it grows in moist woods, bogs, swamps and low areas. It is an upright, deciduous shrub that typically grows 15cm to 60cm tall. Masses of dainty, waxy, bell-shaped, white or pinkish flowers appear in May with the new leaves. Flowers are followed by blue-black blueberries to 1.25cm which ripen in summer. Ovate, dark green or blue-green leaves, to 8cm long, turn attractive shades of reddish bronze in fall. Reddish stems can be attractive in winter. Lowbush Blueberry is a versatile shrub that has excellent ornamental value separate and apart from the fruit crop: white spring flowers, dark green summer foliage, red autumn colour and reddish winter stems.

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