Dragon Tree - Paulownia Fortunei - 20 Seeds - Very fast Growing Exotic Tree

Seeds for Africa


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Paulownia fortunei is an extremely fast-growing tree, grown commercially for production of hardwood timber. Paulownia is a genus of flowering trees which are extremely vigorous in growth.They are deciduoud trees with heart shaped leaves which can be as long as 15inch in size in some cultivars.The flowers are produced on penicles which resemble to a foxglove flower in early spring.The flowers are very fragrant.It could start flowering in only it’s second year. Paulownia holds the world record for the fastest growing tree in the world. Normally a paulownia would reach 12-14 feet in it’s first year. Paulownia can be harvested for it’s wood in 4-5 years.The wood is very famous all around the world, light weight wood is used in all kinds of furniture.Paulownia can form into a giant tree in 5 years which other trees will take 20 years.

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