Dirty Hands Inc Jamies Omega Mix Craft Soil 30 L - Hydroponic / Soil Growing Medium

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Orgasoilux is a premium organic artisan hand crafted living potting soil, tested by labs both nationally and internationally.

The mix of compost, cocopeat, sphagnum peat moss (sustainably harvested), perlite and earthworm compost/castings gives an excellent soil texture which drains perfectly while still holding the correct amount of water.

The compost, castings, raw nutrients, and minerals mixed into the soil will provide enough food for the plant and soil microbes for 3 - 6 months depending on the plant.

Orgasoilux has also been designed to be reused, by simply adding a top dressing of the Elemental Blend mineral and nutrient pack.


Orgasoilux Ingredients: Compost, Vermicompost, Coco peat, Sphagnum peat moss (sustainably harvested), perlite, Alfalfa meal, Aloe meal, Basalt Rock Dust, Bio-Char (preloaded with microbes), Canna-Kashi, Calcitic Lime, Copper Powder, Dolomite Lime, Guano (seabird), Gypsum, Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, Frass, Kelp Meal, Malted Barley, Manganese Oxide, Montmorillonite Clay, Soft Rock Phosphate & Zeolite.


  • Ideal for Container growing
  • Growing heavy feeding annuals, vegetables, fruits or flowers
  • Fast growth in indoor, greenhouse and outdoor environments
  • Maximum terpene and cannabinoid production in Cannabis
  • Heavy yields
  • Pest resistance
  • Microbial biodiversity
  • Continuous use

Size of Pack - 30DM / 30 Liters