Cape Medallion Sweet Red Cherry Pepper - Capsicum baccatum v pendulum

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The cape medallion sweet cherry pepper is a heavy yielding, hybrid of Capsicum baccatum var. pendulum.

Overall, they contain an eatable low heat, comparable to a jalapeño, but milder. Like most peppers, much of this chilli’s spiciness is held in the seeds and the pith, so removing the seeds significantly reduces the potential heat. 

The flesh of this pepper is leathery and thick, with an apple-like fruity sweetness that is crisp and mild. It is not an overly complex pepper in terms of flavour compared to other peppers.

It’s a good “every-day” pepper – not too spicy, not overly bold, that pairs well with a lot of dishes.

These are versatile peppers. Their sweet, yet subdued flavour works well fresh with salads and salsas. They pickle very well, too. But where the versatility really shines is in their stuffing ability. These peppers are small and have medium thick walls, yet their cavities are especially wide due to their shape. In most cases, where a jalapeño pepper can be used for stuffing, a cape medallion can be substituted. They are perfect for stir-fry's, pizza topping, roasting and so much more.




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