Black Raspberry - Fruit Shrub - Rubus leucodermis - 5 Seeds

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Black raspberry is not to be confused with blackberry. Blackberries are typically larger, shiny and firmer. Black raspberry is delicate and plush with a velvety skin like its red counterpart. Black raspberries can be used in the same ways as red raspberry, although they are a bit more popular for canning than red raspberries. The leaves of this species are also used in herbal tea and medicine much like red raspberry leaf. Raspberry leaf is astringent and stimulating, which makes it good for digestive support. The entire plant, including the leaves, flowers and fruit are high in antioxidants. But like red raspberry and blackberry, black raspberry grows on thorn bushes. You can utilize this as a natural barrier, though, to keep larger animals and even people out of certain areas such as your vegetable garden.

 Requires 60 days of cold stratification.

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