Birds Eye's - Gilia tricolor - Annual Flower - 100 Seeds

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Bird's Eyes (Gilia Tricolor) - If you like to attract birds to your garden, grow these Gilia Tricolor seeds. This wild flower is native to California, but can grow virtually anywhere in a sunny location. Commonly, it is called Bird's Eye, and it is often visited by bees and hummingbirds. The blooms are trumpet shaped, violet and white with a yellow throat, and they have a sweet scent similar to the scent of chocolate! Gilia Tricolor Bird's Eyes are extremely floriferous producing tons of lovely blooms that are great for cutting and drying. The flowers form on bushy, ferny upright stems. Growing Bird's Eyes Gilia is highly rewarding, and it's known to self-sow its own flower seeds for next year's display. Gilia Tricolor, or Bird's Eyes, is an annual wild flower. It lives just one year.


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