Corporate Gifting

We offer a number of options for using seeds as corporate gifts / give-aways.


Plantable Paper

We offer seed embedded / plantable paper in A4 sheets. These eco-friendly handmade A4 sheets of paper come in packs of 5 sheets and can be written on with a ball point or can be printed on with an inkjet. 

Seed Packs as Gifts / Give-aways

With too many options to add that personal touch to a gift / give-away we dont supply specialised packets / boxes for seeds and leave that up to you to choose. We stick to what we do best and thats seeds! We offer two options of packing.

a) We can pack the seeds for you into our packs which are 40mm x 60mm small plastic ziplock bags labelled with the name and seed count on it.  

b) We can supply the seed to you in bulk and you can pack into your own choice of container / sachet.

Want a type of seed that we dont offer here as a corporate gift / give-away? Drop us an email at and we will do our best to accomodate you.

Please click here for the seeds that we offer as corporate gifts.