Tropf-Blumat Maxi 2 pcs - Hydroponic System / Irrigation System

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The Blumat Tropf Maxi Sensor is a longer (22.5cm) (9″ end to end) “carrot” sensor, to adequately water plants in deeper pots of 30 cm or more. The sensor includes a short piece of 3mm Blumat drip tube and a 8-8-3mm T-Piece that will fit into the 8mm Blumat water supply line. It works in the same way as the standard (12.5cm) 5″Blumat Tropf sensor, but will remain open until a deeper watering has occurred,

Tropf-Blumat is an automatic watering system. This water-saving drip irrigation  system works without electricity and without an app and is controlled by  the porous clay cones. You don’t even need a permanent water supply to  water plants automatically. Indoors, the best watering options are the Blumat Classic or the Blumat Easy bottle adapter.

Blumat watering systems are ideal for indoor plants, balcony plants and potted plants. The plant  watering system is a reliable, efficient and economical way of watering  flowering plants and vegetables on the balcony and patio, in raised  beds and greenhouses. Blumat is ideal for watering plants when you are on holiday and works all year round.

Tropf-Blumat is an automatic watering system for plants all around the house. From flowering plants to your own vegetables, Tropf-Blumat is a needs-based system - watering only occurs when necessary.

Needs-based & economical With Tropf-Blumat, every single plant is individually watered. That’s good news for the plants and also reduces water consumption. More flowers, more fruits, you will notice the difference.

Convenient Tropf-Blumat reliably takes care of the daily watering for you. You can also go on holiday with an easy mind at any time as Tropf-Blumat works all year round.


Simple & flexible Tropf-Blumat consists of just a few components and can be installed without any tools. You can change your system at any time and extend it to up to 500 watering points.

Smart without electricity Tropf-Blumat works completely without electricity or water computer.

No mains connection

No changing of batteries

No complex programming

The clay cone thinks for you.

Natural watering

The water is released slowly and in doses. Consequently, plants always receive tempered water and healthy and lush growth is the result.

Adding a Blumat Tropf Maxi Sensor to your system will take the hassle out of keeping your deep rooted potted plants hydrated and healthy.

    It is not recommended to use the system to feed your plants a nutrient solution as it is likely that there will be a build-up of salt / nutrient calcification. We recommend that you use the system for hydrating your plants and that you top feed the nutrients your plant needs.

    This system does not include a water tank.

    Full installation instructions for Tropf-Blumat systems can be downloaded here.

    Some great YouTube videos :

     Tropf Blumat Installation


    About the Tropf Blumat System


    Tropf-Blumat Maxi 2 pcs - Hydroponic System / Irrigation System
    Tropf-Blumat Maxi 2 pcs - Hydroponic System / Irrigation System

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