Gravel Root - Eutrochium purpureum - Medicinal Herb / Plant - 20 Seeds

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Gravel root, also known as Joe Pye weed, is a therapeutic herb that's been around for centuries. Historical records from Turkey indicate its use as early as the B.C. era. Throughout history, many cultures have used gravel root as a remedy for an assortment of health complaints. Many of the bioactive compounds responsible for gravel root’s benefits are beginning to be analysed by the scientific community in order to validate the age-old claims. The origin of the name "gravel root" is appropriately attributed to its popularity as an herb believed to break down kidney stones (gravel). While solid, modern evidence to confirm this assertion is sparse; the root itself exhibits a host of compounds that have earned it a high level of praise among naturopaths and conventional physicians alike. The most potent part of the herb are its leaves, roots, and rhizomes (root-like stems) and contain high concentrations of oleoresin euparin, tannins, flavonoids, and sesquiterpene. All of these play a role in supporting metabolic actions. We recommend extreme caution and thorough research before using plants for medicinal purposes.

USDA Zone - 11

Season to Sow - Spring