White Devils Tongue - Chilli Pepper - Capsicum chinense - 5 Seeds

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An awesome white chilli pepper. The fruit grows 5 to 7 cm long and are semi wrinkled – maturing from green to white. The Devil’s Tongue is similar in colour and shape to the Fatalii, but with smoother skin and smaller size. It is said to be from the habanero family and has a slightly lemony lime flavour. The heat level rivals that of the habanero and is still much hotter than most chilli peppers.

The Scoville heat unit for this variety is : 125 000 to 325 000 SHU

Important to Note.

Chilli peppers can be tricky to germinate and especially so with the rarer super hot varieties patience is needed as they can take up to 40 days to germinate in ideal conditions. We also recommend that a heat pad is used when germinating chillies of the Capsicum chinense species. All of our chillis are grown in isolation to avoid cross pollination. As chillis are rampant cross pollinators it is not uncommon for variances to appear in the fruit as chillis can cross pollinate with fruit from plants a few houses or kilometres away. The only way to ensure with 100% certainty that cross pollination does not occur is to use pollination bags on each flower when the plant starts to bud and before the flowers open.